The Ultimate CTA Diagramming Framework

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Wanna fast track your journeyToCTA? Join Sebastian and learn how to leverage FlowRepublic’s new CTA Diagramming framework. It is optimized for performance and battle-tested. The framework follows best practices, and makes (literally) everything faster, your design better, and your storytelling easier.

During the session, we’ll discuss tips and hacks around all templates included in the framework: System Architecture, ERD, Migration, Environment, Governance, Authentication.

No need for trial and error; we have all the diagrams figured out for you.


Title: The Ultimate CTA Diagramming Framework

Time: FRI NOV 09, 2023 – 09:00 AM EST

Speaker: Sebastian Wagner

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  • Looking forward to this session. I am more interested in learning the diagramming techniques and the challenges faced by architects while designing architectural solutions. One of the pain points is that it takes quite a lot of time to draw these diagrams. Hope he can share some tips on speeding up this process.

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